Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No Meeting for February!

There will be no meeting on the 6th of February which is tomorrow because according to the takwim given on the beginning of the year, there will be only be meetings for permainan and unit beruniform on that date. So our next meeting is on the 6th of March, after Chinese new year ok? Do tell your Eco Rangers friends too ok.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Seco- No, Third Meeting of 2013.

Ayy. Time flies so fast, and we are already on our third meeting of the year :') Third meeting. Yes. Our first meeting was on the 9th of January and not last week. Oops, my bad.
Hmm. The number of members who brought all the materials are not satisfying. When the tiny amount  of people who brought everything raised their hands, you can clearly see the president, vice-president and Puan Ilyani's reaction.

Meanwhile, those who wanted to join the Eco Band were excused. Our form 5 senior from last year, Farah Dinah asked me to post this here. PLEASE TAKE NOTE.
Then Anati taught those who were there how to make bio-enzyme. If you are still unsure, you can check out here. Just to refresh your minds, what you need is a container where you put 1 part of fruit peel (preferably orange. Not the colour. The fruit.), three parts of sugar (brown sugar is the best) and 10 parts of water (rice water is the best!). 1:3:10 ; this is the ratio every Eco Rangers member will remember for the rest of your life.
So yeah make sure you CLOSE it and that's all! :) Now all you have to do is wait for a month if you're using rice water or 3 months if you're using plain water. Note:

  1. Open the lid every day for 4-5 minutes to release the trapped carbon dioxide in the container. If you don't and decide to open it after a month, don't blame me when the container goes kaboom.
  2. If there's maggots, go and add some more brown sugar. And just take a spoon/ladle/small container/plastic and throw the maggots away. 
Everyone. This is your Chinese New Year project okay? EVERY MEMBER, including those who did not come, did not bring their materials today, went for the Eco Band audition, MUST HAVE IT DONE. Bring the half-finished (since it wouldn't be a month yet) bio-enzyme of yours to school on the next meeting. You can just use the oranges you get during CNY.
Also.. try not to be too noisy during meetings please. Some of you were like old-time-friends-who-last-met-2910902930-years-ago.
For our next meeting on 6th of February, we're making.. the Eiffel Tower! the leaning tower of Pisa! candles! 
  • get your crayons. (this reminds me of a Korean song)
  • put your used oil (from cooking, not the car or perfume) into a container/bottle
  • grab some candle wicks
  • have aluminium foil containers
  • take your shiny scissors
and bring them! If you have any problems like not knowing how a candle wick looks like, you can try getting help from this best friend of mine. His name is Mister Google. Images.
Warning: Anati might randomly go into her surprise-I-expect-you-to-know-mode and pop out questions regarding our previous meetings to you.
Have a happy February.
P.S: There is a very high possibility of getting kicked out of Eco Rangers if you fail to bring what is asked to bring or fail to do what is asked to do. Just imagine. You have to struggle and find another club to join. And the teacher there with some of your friends will ask you why you're only joining at that time when it's already the second month. Would you be thick-skinned enough to say you were kicked out of Eco Rangers? You only have yourselves to blame if this happens. So. Do your best in Eco Rangers and do what you're supposed to do, okay? :D

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Meeting of 2013!

Assalamualaikum. Hello. Ni hao. Vannakam. Hola. And a very good day to the citizens of the world.
To those who just joined the Eco Rangers club of Sri Aman especially the form 1s, welcome and do make yourselves comfortable because you know, we don't want you to feel left out or intimidated :)
If you are visiting this blog right after you went home from school, here's a flower from me for being awesome.
Just kidding, that's not me. A member of Eco Rangers would never murder a happy living beautiful flower by cutting it just to give to someone. Here, have a cookie instead :)

Our first Eco Rangers meeting today was fabulous, with more than 90 fabulous girls coming (keep it up!). The beloved president Anati and vice-president Zulaikha asked for suggestions for the Eco Month and they did get some satisfying feedback. Do think about it too and suggest it to them during the next meeting, okay? We want something THE WHOLE SCHOOL can participate in, and it MUST be eco-related. 
Anati also briefed about the Eco Band auditions which might be held next week, or next-next week so if you're interested, get ready with your parody song(s) and recyclable items you're gonna use! Here's a video of our Eco Band performing two years ago. All of them finished their form 5s last year though :'(

Here's one of our songs which is a parody of One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful:

We need to light up the earth like nobody else
The way that we save the earth makes you overwhelmed 
But when you litter around makes us wanna yell
You don't know oh-oh
You don't know you're hurting the earth

No taking these lyrics okay. Let your creative juices flow and think of your own lyrics.
Now, for the next meeting, we're going to learn how to make Bio Enzyme! Make sure you bring these materials:

  • Plastic container. CONTAINER. Not the ones you use for the food at the canteen okay.
  • Fruit peels. Orange fruit peels if you can. No banana peels okay. I will also knock the heads of those who bring durian fruit peels. 
  • Sugar. Brown sugar if you can. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T BRING DISSOLVED SUGAR.
  • Water. Rice water if you can. 
Do remind your friends who were absent on this day. I will personally catch and interrogate anyone who do not bring these materials.
By the way do add Sri Aman Planeteers on Facebook as a friend. You can also add our president (Anati Alyaa Azhar) and vice president (Alya Zulaikha) so that you can ask them anything you're not sure of on Facebook. Don't be scared to ask them anything related to the club too when you pass them in school :)

That's all for now. Looking forward to meeting you people on the next meeting. Do write something on the chat box on the left side of this blog too. Ignore the spams. Thank you for reading.
Homework for Form 1s: Find out who I am. Hint: giraffe. Just kidding, you don't have to do this.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Recap: 9th April 2012 Meeting

Now let's get straight to the point.
As the fourth month arrived, so did the fourth meeting. Around three of our planned meetings were cancelled before that because of the BODs were tied up with SAEYLS. There was a workshop on recycling paper for group 1 in the Biology Lab from 2:30 pm to 4 pm, while group 2 learned how to make candles out of used oil in the Physics Lab also from 2:30 pm to 4 pm.
Hmm. This short post is not making me satisfied.
Fact: The last seen Great Auk (a flightless bird that looked like a penguin) was killed because people thought it was a witch! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recap: 27th February 2012 Meeting

How's it going, lovelies?
Note to self: Quit the cheesy introductions. /clears throat/ So.. our meeting on the February 27th recap.  To be summarized quickly, we had an epic treasure hunt. What's more epic is that there were still more than a hundred members who came even at the end of the second month. Wow.
Our new vice president, the cute Anati and our secretary, the bubbly Alya Zulaikha handled all of them quite well. Let's give them a silent moment of appreciation now, can't we?
Groups formed, clues received, every thing ran smoothly. Except... some of the last groups found out that there weren't enough clues. As quoted from original report of the meeting, either the holders ate the clues or the clues disappeared magically. Err, I as one of the clue holders strongly deny against this accusation.
Syafiqah gave an announcement. There would be eco books supplied to each member. Those would be used to accumulate eco points which can earn your more koko marks; and even a position in the board in future.
Fact: The word 'eco' is actually an Internet slang.